Available Light Workshops

Want to learn how to take great uncomplicated photographs?

The Available Light Photography workshop will touch on some of the basics of using the available light in your own home, in a park or simply anywhere your generally not starting out to use flash photography.

Window light and reflectors are great tools, however sometimes a small flash as fill-light for portraits can be of great assistance.

This is a great technique for child portraits or pet photography, done in your own home or out and about.

Infant, lit with available window light

Some of the things we will cover in this workshop include:

  • What equipment to use – camera, light meter, reflector kit, speedlights, light modifiers (minimal), light stands, tripod
  • How to set up for window light
  • Angle of lighting: why is this important, how to create and control it
  • Lighting ratio: what is it, how to measure and control it
  • Things to watch out for that could ruin your portrait and how to correct for them: camera shake, subject movement, harsh lighting, poor direction of lighting, spotting light
  • How to choose when to use a white, silver, gold, transparent or even a black reflector and why
  • How to balance fill flash with available or ambient light in the room or outdoors
  • How to use bounce flash indoors as fill light
  • Adding an interesting element to the portrait (backgrounds, foregrounds, props)

Personal tutoring could be for you!

The Available Light Photography Workshop works best either one – to – one or with you and a friend i.e. two people. The fee for individual workshop tutoring is $800/hour (semi-private is $1000/hr) with a minimum of 2 hours per session.

Please  contact us to inquire about availability and find out if this is right for you.


We have both weekday and weekend times slots available.

For up to date information and availability regarding dates email us directly here: info@loveshawphotography.com