Its been a while…


Yes I know its been a while since I have updated this page. The problem is I’ve been busy taking photos rather than uploaded them to the web!

Anyway here are a few of my latest Photographs from Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsular. I hope you like!…

Email me if you would like any of them printed.

Melbhighlights-109Mills Beach, Mornington


Melbhighlights-104Inspiration, South Melbourne Markets

Melbhighlights-112Mills Beach, Mornington

Melbhighlights-105Mills Beach, Mornington

Melbhighlights-110Mills Beach, Mornington

Melbhighlights2-103Red Hill, Mornington

Melbhighlights2-100Melbourne City from Albert Park Lake

Melbhighlights2-102Melbourne Observatory, Botanical Gardens

Melbhighlights-107Butter wouldn’t melt!

Melbhighlights2-104Red Hill, Mornington

Melbhighlights-101Go Aussie!

Melbhighlights-100Flinders Street Station, Melbourne